About Us

My daughter wanted to wear an outer space dress for her 5th birthday. I looked online and was surprised at the dearth of quality choices. There were some babyish cartoon planet designs, cheap polyester synthetic options, and a few outer space dresses where you could not make out the print unless you looked very closely. Meanwhile, any boys' department has plenty of bright, realistic outer space clothes.

I've been a sewing hobbyist for years so I did the only sensible thing--I started a clothing company. I found a professional patternmaker, sourced fabric, and got a referral to a fantastic family owned garment factory. The company name was easy: Dance on Mars. It evokes exploring, big dreams, but also carefree fun.

In addition to vivid, colorful prints, Dance on Mars dresses incorporate the same quality construction techniques I use in my handmade garments--each dress has a full lining, the fabric is 100% cotton, and of course they're made in the USA.