Why do our dresses cost as much as they do?

  • Made in USA--no child labor, no forced sweatshops, none of the horrors sometimes associated with overseas manufacturing.
  • All cotton--no polyester or other man-made fibers (except the zippers, those aren't cotton), no recycled soda bottles with BPA or other estrogen-mimicking compounds. 
  • Fully lined--each dress has essentially a second (also 100% cotton) dress inside it. Linings help garments drape better, they help prevent see-through, and they add a fabulous extra layer of body and twirl to the skirt. 
  • Screen printed--Our fabrics are professionally screen printed, not digitally printed or DIY ink jet printed. This ensures they will stay bold and colorfast (you may notice a slight bit of fading after washing our outer space dress several times--it's so dark!). Also there's no chance of the design peeling or flaking off. 
  • Small batch--we generally make fewer than 1000 of each style. This helps give each dress a unique, special feel, but it also means we can't get the kind of deals big clothing companies can get when they're ordering tens of thousands of yards of fabric at a time.